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My name is Hayley and I’m a qualified nutritionist who graduated from Enedeavour College of Natural Health in 2014.  You can find more info about this wonderful college here. –> http://www.endeavour.edu.au
My passion is to inspire you to get excited about plant-based nutrition whilst making more conscious and mindful food and lifestyle choices.
Food and diet play an integral part in our overall health outcomes and most chronic illness’s are stemmed back and correlated to what we put in our mouths, so it only makes sense to feed ourselves with ingredients that nourish and nurture our bodies.
‘Raw Karma’ is my raw desserts business based in Adelaide.  Currently we operate at various pop up events and markets and are currently in the midst of creating some exciting projects and products that we can share on a global basis.
You could say that we are having a ‘makeover’, and hope to share a new and improved Raw Karma towards the end of 2016.
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